I've published 250+ stories with leading UK and US media brands including The Guardian, Wired, VICE, The Washington Post, BBC Worklife, The Atlantic and New Statesman. I've visited 40+ countries as a journalist, first during my time as a travel writer and then as a foreign reporter focused on business and technology. Below are a selection of my clippings.

Digital Nomads & Coworking

Are digital nomads the future of work? (The Long + The Short by Nesta)

Are Digital Nomads The Future Of Work, Or Colonialism 2.0?
A growing number of young professionals are exchanging cubicles for exotic locales. But the cheap living comes with uncomfortable questions about privilege.

• Meet the entrepreneurs jetting off on nomad retreats (The Guardian)

Meet The Entrepreneurs Jetting Off On Co-Working Holidays
Hacker Paradise is a travelling community of co-workers – a growing trend for those who aren’t tied to an office. Lauren Razavi goes to Bali to see how it works.

Delhi's co-working culture offers a bright future for startups (The Guardian)

Delhi’s Co-working Culture Offers A Bright Future For Startups
Is Delhi leading the way in co-working? And what’s behind its startup boom? Lauren Razavi finds out how the city’s business scene is innovating.

Knowledge & Learning

The knowledge economy after Covid-19 (RSA Blog)

The knowledge economy after Covid-19
If the entrepreneurship of the 2010s is dead, what will replace it in the 2020s?

'Students like the flexibility': why online universities are here to stay (The Guardian)

Covid-19 and the future of higher education (The Guardian)
With the coronavirus pandemic radically reshaping the education system, universities may never be the same again.

In Morocco, reviving the storyteller (CityLab)

In Morocco, reviving the storyteller (CityLab)
The number of master storytellers in the country has dwindled, but one man isinstructing a new generation in the ancient tradition. At Cafe Clock Marrakech, a modern venue tucked away in one of the ancient housesin the city’s medina, or old town, tourists and locals sit mesmerized by a mannamed …

Sharing Economy

The best way to learn a new language? (BBC Worklife)

The Best Way To Learn A New Language? | Lauren Razavi
Apps like Uber, Airbnb and PlateCulture are growing rapidly in India – and with it, their users are brushing up on their language skills.

Amsterdam became Europe's first "sharing city" by embracing Airbnb (Inverse)

Amsterdam Became Europe’s First “Sharing City” By Embracing Airbnb
How the Dutch capital became Europe’s first sharing city.

Future Cities

How Rwanda’s capital became an African tech leader (Medium)

How Rwanda’s Capital Became An African Tech Leader | Lauren Razavi
Kigali’s knowledge-based sharing economy is an example for other cities looking towards the future.

Future Oslo will be full of tiny buzzing cars thanks to Tesla (Inverse)

Future Oslo Will Be Full Of Tiny Buzzing Cars Thanks To Tesla
The streets of the Norwegian capital are full of cars that look like ‘Total Recall’ props.

How Rotterdam is staying afloat in the face of climate change (Inverse)

The Future Of Rotterdam Is A Fight To Stay Afloat And Connected
The Dutch will innovate or sink.

Putting collaboration at the heart of urban planning in Helsinki (Inverse)

Putting Collaboration at the Heart of Urban Planning in Helsinki
It takes a village to build a smart city.


India just flew past the US in the race to e-cash (Wired)

India Just Flew Past Us In The Race To E-Cash | Lauren Razavi
New rules have made it harder for Indians to get cash. The result? Mobile payment apps are booming.

The future of Reykjavík belongs to the Pirate Party and the world's data (Inverse)

Reykjavík’s Future Belongs To The Pirate Party And The World’s Data
Can Iceland be to data what Switzerland is to money? The Pirate Party’s captain is betting on it.

The struggle between Bitcoin traders and British Banks (VICE)

The Struggle Between Bitcoin Traders And British Banks | Lauren Razavi
Unexpected account closures and a lack of communication are resulting in confusion for UK bitcoin traders.

How one woman's app is changing politics in the digital age (The Guardian)

How One Woman’s App Is Changing Politics In The Digital Age
Argentina’s Pia Mancini is using technology to destroy barriers between politicians and people around the world.

This is how much you could end up paying to fund Britain's mass surveillance programme (VICE)

How Much You’ll Soon Pay To Fund Britain’s Mass Surveillance Plan
Good news, taxpayers: you’ll be helping the government monitor all of your texts, emails and social media updates!