I've been writing professionally since 2010, and it's been quite an adventure. If you don't need the back story, keep scrolling down to view my portfolio.

A tastemaker teen

My writing career began with barter. My teenage experience in the UK was similar to most: plenty of time, nothing to do, little money. I had one thing on my side though: a dial-up internet connection.

I tried the same thing everyone did at the time: I blogged about music in exchange for free CDs and gig tickets. Over the next couple of years, I moved from perks and freebies to getting paid real money to work with bands and musicians.

I started booking live music tours and going along for the ride. I used guerilla tactics to market albums. I built a network of influential contacts all over the UK and Europe. There was a summer where I averaged one music festival every weekend for three entire months.

Student journalist, travel writer

Then I went off to study politics at university. I maintained my music industry side hustle and organised a bunch of sell-out gigs in my city. I wrote for the campus newspaper and was the only student to publish in every edition during my first year. Later, I became its features editor. I began to grow more curious about the craft of writing.

During my degree, I also lived in China as part of a British Council Programme. I leveraged this opportunity to pitch some ideas and get my first stories published in UK travel magazines. Soon, I was asked to become travel editor of a website called The National Student, where I commissioned writers, edited stories, and rubbed elbows with industry folks for the first time.

Foreign reporter, columnist

By the end of uni, I'd written for all four of the UK's major broadsheet newspapers and developed strong connections with The Guardian in particular. My reputation as a travel writer was growing too; I was runner-up for Young Travel Writer of the Year at the Travel Media Awards in 2016. What had started out as free gig tickets slowly became all-expenses-paid reporting trips overseas.

On the literary side, I won a place on the creative writing MA at the University of East Anglia, where I focused on narrative nonfiction. I published longform stories with Egg Box Publishing in the UK and Little Fiction Big Truths in Canada. My university breaks became reporting opportunities, and I began to move from travel writer to foreign correspondent.

I visited more than 30 countries in just three years and reported on everything from Indonesian healthcare reform to how sharing economy platforms are helping people learn English in India. Focusing on business, technology and global work culture, I published stories with Wired, BBC, VICE News, Washington Post and other dream titles. I was also a political columnist for New Statesman and wrote a weekly innovation column called Future Cities for Inverse.com.

Google editor, distributed leader

After graduating from my MA, I was headhunted by Google and joined their global editorial team, working first as a writer on Google Maps and later as managing editor for the future of work. I ghostwrote thought leadership for senior executives, helping to shape and expand their ideas in written form. I led on research projects and white paper production related to the company's global diversity strategy.

Most importantly, I recruited and managed distributed teams of freelancers to deliver everything from blog posts and reports to video and design. I enjoyed experimenting with the future of work in practice, rather than just theorising. It set me on a new, more independent path.

Newsletter journalist, book author

I've been writing in one way or another for a long time now, but the craft always gives my curiosity new direction. I still do a lot of work as a freelance journalist. There's no such thing as a former reporter really. Feature writing and foreign reporting are my specialisms, and The Netherlands and Malaysia are two of the countries I'm most familiar with.

I also publish a weekly newsletter called Counterflows, where I curate the best stories, tools and ideas for curious people around the world. You can subscribe below (it's free).

As a nonfiction writer, my focus is longform work on "big ideas" related to technology, business, innovation and policy. I'm currently working on my first book, which I hope to publish in 2021.

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Writing Portfolio

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