Hi Studio Roosegaarde 👋

Welcome to my mini-portfolio, made just for you.

I spend my time in these two weird, intersecting worlds: the media and the internet. I'm a creative storyteller and an avid content creator, but I'm also a builder of digital communities and a believer in strong human relationships.

Since both sides of what I do are relevant to the role of Creative Storyteller and PR Manager, I've tried to capture a little of each here. I hope it's a helpful overview.

Media Stories

Every writer has a "why" behind their work, and mine is to tell stories that make people think and feel differently about what's possible. I write features and longform about how technology is changing the world and what it means to be human in that context.

Daan Roosegaarde: Battling Smog with Towers and Bicycles in Beijing (Medium)

Bob Hendrikx: Is This the Most Magic Mushroom of All? (The Independent)

Digital Nomads: the Future of Work, or Colonialism 2.0? (LinkedIn – also republished by Bright Magazine and Nesta)

Pia Mancini: How One Woman's App is Changing Politics in the Digital Age (The Guardian)


I've also ghostwritten thought leadership content for many founders and senior executives, and managed projects and creative teams on their behalf. I specialize in high-quality, high-performance brand content and editorial strategy with a focus on innovation and future trends topics.

Lockdown Lifted, Economy Shifted: Workforce Resilience for the New Normal (Jacques van den Broek, CEO at Randstad)

What Mars can teach us about designing government services (Sarah Ronald, Founder at Nile and Investor at Par Equity)

Communities & Newsletter

• I built from scratch and ran the UK's largest Facebook group for media professionals (Freelance Journalists UK; 5,000+ members) between 2015 and 2018.

• I'm active daily and well-known across 10+ media industry communities and networks, primarily consisting of journalists for major UK and US publications.

• I have a strong network of contacts in business, media, and policy worldwide, earned through 10 years of creative freelancing and 6 years of digital nomadism.

• My curated newsletter about work, creativity, and global living has 1,000+ subscribers including journalists, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.


As well as journalism and online communities, I've mastered the art of storytelling in shorter media formats on Twitter (thread link)...

...and the ability to show up in the right place online and say things that resonate too (thread link):


I also appear on podcasts to talk about the future of work, media, and creativity.

Fun facts

📝 Dedicated documentarian. I have a digital and searchable second brain, where I keep track of ideas, notes, reflections, contacts, lists, and more.

🧀 Big fan of cheese. I've been adjusting well to life with gouda as my new status quo cheese since relocating from the UK.

Unbearable coffee snob. Sorry in advance for my "coffeesplaining" tendencies. Luckily, the best way to shut me up is to try my latest beans.