I'm an award-winning writer with more than a decade of professional experience across journalism, creative nonfiction, thought leadership, and ghostwriting (mostly for C-level executives and founders).

I've visited and reported from 40+ countries, first during my time as a travel writer and then as a foreign reporter focused on business and technology. I've also been a policy innovation columnist for New Statesman, a future of cities columnist for and managing editor for the future of work at Google.

I've published 250+ stories with leading UK and US media brands including The Guardian, Wired, The Washington Post, BBC Worklife and Bloomberg. I'm currently writing my first book, Global Natives. It will be published in print and online by Holloway in September 2021.

Below are a selection of my clippings.


Digital Nomads & The Future of Work

The Rise of Subscription Living (Curious x Medium)

• Digital Nomads: the Future of Work, or Colonialism 2.0? (The Long + Short by Nesta)

Meet the Entrepreneurs Jetting Off on Remote Work Retreats (The Guardian)  


Future Cities

How Rwanda’s Capital Became an African Tech Leader (Medium)

• For Rotterdam, Climate Change Means a Fight to Stay Afloat and Connected (Inverse)

Putting Collaboration at the Heart of Urban Planning in Helsinki (Inverse) 



Pia Mancini: Rebooting Democracy for the Internet Era (The Guardian)

The Future of Reykjavik Belongs to the Pirate Party and the World's Data (Inverse)

India Just Flew Past the United States in the Race to E-Cash (Wired)


Knowledge & Learning

The Knowledge Economy After Covid-19 (RSA Blog)

The Future of Education: Will Universities Move Online? (The Guardian)

In Morocco, Reviving the Storyteller (Bloomberg's CityLab)