🎙️ Speaking

Online and offline events, webinars, masterclasses, panels, podcasts and more. Talking about the future of work, distributed companies, the knowledge economy and global living.

A decade of writing has led me to speak about the themes of my work too. I cover a breadth of future trends topics at the intersection of technology, business, policy, and human behaviour. If you'd like to invite me to speak at something, send me an email.

I cluster my work around the four themes below. These encompass technology, human behaviour, internet culture, business, innovation and future trends, policy, cities and urbanism, the sharing economy and global development.

Here's a quick rundown:

The Future of Work

New ways of working. Work culture. Human capital. The battle for talent. Technology and automation. Training and upskilling. Soft skills. Universal basic income.

Distributed Companies

Remote work. Asynchronous communication. Flat hierarchies. Transparency. Innovation. Startups and entrepreneurship. Digital transformation.

The Knowledge Economy

Knowledge work. Knowledge cities. Placemaking. Talent hubs. Tomorrow's universities. The future of education. Online, blended and lifelong learning.

Global Living

The platform economy. Freelancing and self-employment. International mobility. Visas, borders and migration. Digital nomads. Business travel.


Freelance Pod: "The future of work is everyone using their influence" - 20 Jul 2020

Cloudbusting Podcast: "How will Covid-19 change the way we work?" - 28 Apr 2020

Alphabet City Podcast: Lauren Razavi Profile - 1 Mar 2018

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