Here is a simple template to help you create more effective pitches when sharing your ideas with the media.


Pitch: [insert concise, catchy title or question that demonstrates the story you’re offering]


Hi/Hello/Dear [NAME],

I’m wondering if you’d be interested in a story on/about [insert a relevant introductory sentence to whet the editor’s appetite and let them know what you’re offering. Make it distinct from your subject line - and bear in mind they may not read past it].

[2-3 short paragraphs or a bullet-point list demonstrating the strength and structure of your story, who your characters are, interesting data you could include and why you should be the one to write it - e.g. you live there, travelled there, speak the language, have heritage, have a PhD or high-quality blog relevant to the subject area.]

You can view samples of my previous work (for titles such as X, Y and Z) here: [insert website link].

Thanks/Best wishes/Kind regards,



[Include an email signature with your contact details, your website and your social media links laid out neatly]

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