This week’s maker is Alice Daisy Pomfret—a designer, publisher, entrepreneur and campaigner based in Norwich, UK. Fresh out of art school in 2018, Alice crowdfunded Akin: a gorgeous print publication and pop-up magazine shop, which she’s been running ever since.

Last year, Alice also launched ‘good: shop’, a pop-up retail experience encouraging consumers to boycott Black Friday and buy local instead. Somehow, she also finds time to run local events for freelancers too.

As impressive as all that is, what I admire the most about Alice is her bold, fearless attitude. She dives into things, follows her gut, and learns as she goes. Her instinct is to make good shit, not wait around for somebody else’s permission. Alice is a living reminder of what’s possible when you just fucking do it.

If you like what Alice makes, show her some love and learn about other makers on my Maker of the Week Twitter thread below: