Like most people, I pretty much fell in love with Lauretta within minutes of meeting her. She’s a trailblazing portfolio careerist with an incredible vibrancy about her.

Lauretta has changed careers five times. First, she graduated medical school and became a doctor. Then she decided to pursue work in the fashion industry, becoming a stylist with Net a Porter and L’Oreal. Then she started reporting for CNN, BBC and Sky News. After that, she became a nutritional consultant.

These days, she’s an entrepreneur and creator — and, of course, a proven master when it comes to climbing the career ladder and breaking into new industries.

Lauretta is awesome because she’s bold, fearless and intuitive. She’s a true portfolio careerist who proves time and time again that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Now, she’s helping others do the same through The Ambition Plan, a media and learning platform aiming to guide people from confusion to clarity in their careers.