Hey Counterflows readers,

I've decided to take a break from publishing this newsletter over the next few weeks to regroup, recharge and refresh. After moving to the Ghost platform, I've encountered some unexpected teething problems on the tech side and I need some time to figure them out before proceeding.

I'll also be performing my very own Brexit soon, i.e. permanently relocating from the UK to Amsterdam. Looks like I'll be doing that deep in the second Covid-19 wave in the Netherlands, so I want to focus on staying happy and healthy during what's sure to be a strange and stressful time.

I expect to resume a regular publishing schedule in September, and I’ll still be doing a handful of speaking gigs and events in the meantime. If you’d like a sporadic alert about those, pop your details in here.

Thanks so much for all your support and kindness so far this year. This community has kept me connected, motivated and inspired. It truly means the world that you're here ❤️


PS: I'd love to hear your feedback about the newsletter. What do you love to read and what do you always skip over? Do you wish I covered more, fewer or different topics? Which editions from the archive did you enjoy the most? Feel free to hit reply on this email or DM me on Twitter if you have any thoughts to share.

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