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I appeared on the Remotely Inclined podcast last week and had a wonderful chat about the future of work, digital nomads, and productivity tools with fellow remote work geek Stefan Palios. You can listen to our conversation via Spotify (~22 mins) or read the highlights on Substack.

I also published a blog post outlining six common mistakes to avoid when applying for freelance writing jobs. It’s based on my experience sifting ~200 replies to a talent request I issued over the summer. If you find it useful, don’t forget to buy me a coffee to say thanks and help me share more resources in future.


🏆 #Merky Books New Writers’ Prize (Penguin)

Budding author aged 16-30? The #Merky Books imprint – Penguin’s collaboration with grime superstar Stormzy – seeks young, underrepresented voices for its annual prize. The winner gets a publishing deal, and longlisted/shortlisted writers receive a package of advice and information. Submissions are open until midnight on Friday 30th October.

💼 Hot New Job Title in a Pandemic: ‘Head of Remote Work’ (Washington Post)

As Europe dives head-first into a messy second wave of Covid-19, it’s increasingly clear that work has changed for good. That’s why a slew of companies are setting up new departments and hiring executive talent dedicated to making remote work a success. This story tracks the trend and meets early adopters across various sectors.

🦠 This Overlooked Variable Is the Key to the Pandemic (The Atlantic)

Speaking of the pandemic, this epic long read of 5,000 words is the best piece of journalism I’ve read about Covid-19 so far. Zeynep Tufekci’s sharp analysis looks at the different approaches governments have taken to contact tracing and super spreaders, and explains how this has helped some countries contain the virus more effectively than others.

🧠 Building A Second Brain - A Life-Changing Productivity System (YouTube)

In this explainer video, YouTuber Ali Abdaal breaks down the concept of “building a second brain” based on his experience attending Tiago Forte’s knowledge management course of the same name. He outlines 10 fundamental principles – from recycling ideas to looking out for your future self – that will be super useful to any maker.

💌 What You Need to Know About Newsletter Platforms (Contently)

Contently writer Natalie Burg interviewed me about the power of newsletters and how to make them a success. We spoke back in May, so my comments are a little outdated now, but the article itself is full of useful tips from seasoned newsletter scribes, and it offers good steer if you’re thinking about launching a newsletter yourself.

🖥️ John Brockman: the man who runs the world's smartest website (The Guardian)

This story is almost a decade old, but it’s a juicy one. John Brockman is the legendary founder of an influential American literary agency that has represented and associated with some of the world’s most prominent thinkers for decades. In this interview, Brockman talks about the publishing industry, championing good ideas, and his website Edge.org.

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