Greetings from Amsterdam!

I've finally made it over to the Netherlands and, honestly, I couldn't be happier. I don't have a permanent home yet, but it feels about time to end my hiatus and start writing to you again.

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Handpicked for you

🎬  The artist behind Radiohead's album covers

Does anybody else default to Radiohead when they run out of stuff to watch on YouTube? This video introduces the graphic designer, artist, and writer Stanley Donwood, who has produced all of Radiohead's album art since 1994. He also writes books, including the graphic novel Bad Island (Penguin, 2020).

🗣️ Kickstart your freelance writing career

I've teamed up with the troublemakers at London Writers' Salon to offer an in-depth masterclass for those looking to launch a career or sideline as a freelance writer. It's happening this Thursday 17th September via Zoom and it's limited to an intimate 15 places. We only have a handful of tickets left, so get in quick if you fancy it.

🗞️  What does the future influencer look like?

From micro-influencers to social media activists, Raconteur outlines four possible scenarios for the future of influencer marketing. This piece is full of interesting insights about how brands and advertisers are thinking about the value of their relationships with influencers, and how things might evolve.

💡 Want to pitch stories to Wired? Here's how

If you've ever dreamt of seeing your name in Wired, I have some good news. The team has published this handy guide for freelance writers hoping to land a commission or two. On the other side, if you work in editorial, life becomes so much easier when you create contributor's guidelines like these. Make the time to do it.

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