Originally published by The Telegraph.

High-speed connectivity is an essential component of today’s commercial landscape; could Gfast broadband be the solution you’ve been looking for?

Demand for superfast broadband is growing in the UK. As a result, the pressures on existing infrastructure continue to increase alongside the demand. And whatever industry your enterprise operates in, high-speed connectivity is an essential component of today’s commercial landscape. Many businesses rely on broadband services for their most basic functions, and for many SMEs and start-ups, their internet connection is the backbone of their work.

From e-commerce platforms to service-oriented businesses, a slow connection speed can have a notable impact on your productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line. BT has recognised this problem and made a commitment to solving it with an innovative new broadband product: Gfast technology.

The next generation of ultrafast broadband

Gfast technology is a type of “ultrafast” broadband that, at up to 300Mbps, is faster than all “superfast” fibre-optic solutions currently on the UK market. And importantly for businesses, the upload is up to 50Mbps. Gfast also offers a new standard of reliability by adapting to issues before they affect service on the customer’s end.

The journey between BT street cabinets and individual premises using Gfast broadband is very short, which results in incredible speeds while still using copper connections that are already in place. This efficiency is achieved by increasing the frequency range used by broadband signals to more than four times that of today’s superfast services. This helps to increase bandwidth on the line, too, meaning more capacity and unrivalled dependability.

Striving for global leadership on connectivity

Thanks in part to continued investment from BT, the UK currently boasts the highest superfast broadband coverage of the “big five” EU nations, which includes Germany, France, Spain and Italy. More than 90pc of UK premises can currently access superfast broadband, and that figure is expected to reach 95pc by the end of 2017. BT aims to deliver Gfast technology to 10 million homes and businesses in the UK by 2020, though the company has indicated that as many as 12 million connections might be possible in that time frame.

The upload speed is up to 50Mbps
BT is leading the way in developing and implementing Gfast technology to help UK businesses to work faster. Entrepreneurs will be able to focus on enhancing and developing their business aided by some of the world’s fastest broadband capabilities. Since the Digital Economy Bill set out the Government’s aim to “modernise the country for enterprise” in May 2016, BT has been working hard to expand broadband infrastructure and improve connectivity. Soon UK businesses will start to reap the rewards of that hard work. With ultrafast and reliable broadband, even the smallest of SMEs will have access to a world of opportunity.