Alix Bolle is responsible for EU policy and strategic partnerships at Energy Cities. I say “responsible for” rather than “in charge of” because Alix’s organisation is distributed, multi-disciplinary and flat.

That means the experts that make up the network come from a range of fields, they work from wherever they are, and there’s no system of hierarchy (i.e. nobody is anybody else’s boss).

Alix and I met while I was working on the Future Cities Scotland longform project with Nile earlier this year (we collaborated on this story about Aberdeen’s transition to renewable energy). I’ve been blown away by her fearless approach to living the future of work, even though her core focus is elsewhere — in coordinating city-to-city collaboration and facilitating transitions to renewable energy.

The Energy Cities team has found that distributed work is valuable too: many projects have blossomed from one person’s idea, shared in ways that wouldn’t be replicated in traditional structures.