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I've published with leading global media brands including The Guardian, Wired, VICE and The Atlantic. I was also Future Cities columnist at Inverse and wrote a policy innovation column for New Statesman. My work focuses on technology, business, policy and human behaviour.

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I speak on stages, in boardrooms and online about topics like the future of work, remote-first companies, distributed teams, digital transformation, work culture, the knowledge economy and policy innovation. I also host webinars, appear on podcasts and do broadcast work.

💼  Seeking expertise to push things forward?  

I've spent the past 10 years working remotely across borders, cultures and timezones. Past roles include future of work lead for Google and managing editor for the Singapore Government. I’m available as an innovation consultant, content strategist, project manager or any other title you feel fits.


📚  I’m writing a book about the future of work.  

I’m interested in projects, research, case studies, stories and anything else related to: remote work, lifelong learning, freelancing, entrepreneurship, digital nomads, innovation policy (especially in cities) and universal basic income. If you have something to share, get in touch.

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