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British millennials like me are the real losers in the Brexit vote

Originally published by The Washington Post. Decades of chaos have been unleashed by a generation of voters that
Author image Lauren Razavi

Brexit debate yields unexpected potential for positive political change

Originally published by Positive News Magazine. Whether Britain chooses to remain in or opt out of the EU
Author image Lauren Razavi

How one woman's app is changing politics in the digital age

Argentina’s Pia Mancini is using technology to destroy barriers between politicians and people around the world. For
Author image Lauren Razavi

'My ambition is to be a voice for those who don’t or can’t speak their mind'

Oslo’s 27-year-old deputy mayor is a Tamil who survived the Utøya island massacre, giving her unique authority
Author image Lauren Razavi

The Young Women Standing Up to Extremism in the Middle East

In Syria, Tunisia, and Egypt, grassroots activism is helping to tackle radicalization at its most toxic. Following last
Author image Lauren Razavi

Paddy Ashdown on surveillance: don't make us a country of suspects

Former Lib Dem leader questions Theresa May’s investigatory powers bill and makes case for laws to protect
Author image Lauren Razavi

“It's nothing radical”: Jeremy Corbyn supporters on why his politics are just common sense

The new Labour leader's backers are opposed to austerity and passionate about grassroots democracy – just don't call them
Author image Lauren Razavi

Should the UK Ditch Its Membership in NATO?

Recently, on both the right and the left of British politics, the subject of NATO has proven a
Author image Lauren Razavi

If the Greens attack Jeremy Corbyn, they'll only hurt themselves

The Greens don't seem to know how to handle Jeremy Corbyn - but abuse isn't the right way
Author image Lauren Razavi

This Is How Much You Could End Up Paying to Fund Britain's Mass Surveillance Programme

In 2013, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that the British government had been snooping on citizens on a
Author image Lauren Razavi
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