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India Just Flew Past Us in the Race to E-Cash

Originally published by Backchannel. New rules have made it harder for Indians to get cash. The result? Mobile
Author image Lauren Razavi

Coworking in India means sharing more than just a desk

In India's new offices, coworking isn't a practicality — it's a philosophy. From taxi drivers to tech innovators, the
Author image Lauren Razavi

The best way to learn a new language?

Apps like Uber, Airbnb and PlateCulture are growing rapidly in India – and with it, their users are brushing
Author image Lauren Razavi

Delhi's co-working culture offers a bright future for startups

Is Delhi leading the way in co-working? And what’s behind its startup boom? Lauren Razavi finds out
Author image Lauren Razavi

The foodie traveller visits Kolkata’s last Jewish bakery

The Nahoum and Sons bakery is one of the last vestige’s of Kolkata’s Jewish heritage – but
Author image Lauren Razavi

Calcutta’s Last Jewish Bakery Makes the Best Bengali Desserts

Calcutta, East India’s humid and chaotic mega-city, held the title of the British Empire’s first capital
Author image Lauren Razavi

India: Taxis In Calcutta

Lauren Razavi gets a glimpse of the real Calcutta from a traditional taxi. The taxi driver shakes his
Author image Lauren Razavi

Failing in the art of creative non-fiction

A trip to a writing workshop in India doesn’t turn out quite as planned. At some point
Author image Lauren Razavi

Calcutta: Getting under the skin of India’s new literary capital

A writer’s journey through India’s city of books. I walk through the enormous doors of the
Author image Lauren Razavi
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