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Originally published by Inverse. It takes a village to build a smart city. Finland has a reputation as
Author image Lauren Razavi

India Just Flew Past Us in the Race to E-Cash

Originally published by Backchannel. New rules have made it harder for Indians to get cash. The result? Mobile
Author image Lauren Razavi

Demand Your Share of the Spoils From the Privatization of Space

Originally published by How We Get To Next. Many moons ago, the space sector was an exclusive playground
Author image Lauren Razavi

Are Digital Nomads the Future of Work?

A growing number of young professionals are exchanging cubicles for “exotic” locales. But the cheap living comes with
Author image Lauren Razavi

In Search of a Clean Water Revolution for the Philippines

In the typhoon-ravaged town of Tolosa, young entrepreneurs are working on a big problem. Two years after Typhoon
Author image Lauren Razavi

Indonesia's universal health scheme: one year on, what's the verdict?

A year after the government launched a health insurance project, professionals have opposing views. Is it too ambitious
Author image Lauren Razavi

Democracy behind bars: 11 opposition leaders facing jail or death

With global democracy declining for the ninth year in a row, we look at some of the opposition
Author image Lauren Razavi

How Rabat’s Mawazine music festival is signalling progress for the city

Taking over Morocco’s capital each year, the Mawazine brings international music to the masses and provides a
Author image Lauren Razavi
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