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Taking the pain out of expense claims

Originally published on AAT. Companies that provide staff with expense accounts know they could potentially be opening themselves
Author image Lauren Razavi

Britain’s financial services sector could lose up to 30,000 jobs

Originally published by AAT The writer Samuel Johnson famously coined the phrase “when a man is tired of
Author image Lauren Razavi

The financial cost of fraud

Originally published by AAT. The terms “corruption” and “embezzlement” will be familiar to anyone who enjoys a good
Author image Lauren Razavi

Apprenticeships: government is encouraging SMEs to deliver their own training

Originally published by AAT. Apprenticeships in the UK are changing. A range of measures introduced this year will
Author image Lauren Razavi

The new rules of wealth management

Originally published by Portfolio. Lauren Razavi examines how families are protecting themselves and growing their assets in these
Author image Lauren Razavi

Defining value in finance: a conversation with AAT Annual Conference speaker Andi Lonnen

Originally published by AAT. Understanding what makes you and your business unique is a challenge for any enterprise,
Author image Lauren Razavi


Originally published by Inverse. The birthplace of the invisible hands wants to be seen as the center of
Author image Lauren Razavi

FUTURE CITIES | Casablanca

Originally published by Inverse. The would-be financial hub of Africa is making the case for investment to the
Author image Lauren Razavi
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