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The learning initiatives bridging the generation gap

The long-bemoaned gap between generations is sometimes accepted as inevitable. But as Lauren Razavi discovers, initiatives in the
Author image Lauren Razavi

Constructive journalism inspires next generation of journalists

A series of workshops has introduced hundreds of journalism students to solution-focused reporting, with the aim of changing
Author image Lauren Razavi

Students: would you support a marking boycott?

While lecturers consider a new pay offer and ponder whether to go ahead with their threatened marking boycott,
Author image Lauren Razavi

Does a master's degree make you any more employable?

As the possibility of unemployment looms for many, more than 500,000 each year choose to pursue further
Author image Lauren Razavi

Students: your university society could help you get a job

University societies are great places to make friends and if you get involved you can develop new skills.
Author image Lauren Razavi

Some graduates are only worth unpaid internships

Many stumble through university, developing little else than active social lives. The topic of unpaid internships has caused
Author image Lauren Razavi

University students hold the key to LGBT progress

Uni is considered a place where students can define their sexual identity, but there’s only so much
Author image Lauren Razavi

What we can learn from teaching English abroad

Foreign language teaching in schools isn't making students fluent or even competent. So why can't we adopt the
Author image Lauren Razavi

Why pornography is a good thing for our generation

It's about time we talked about pornography, says TSJ contributor Lauren Razavi. The twenty-first century world is openly
Author image Lauren Razavi

University travel: 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

Long summer holidays and exciting new friendships make university a great time to travel – but can you afford
Author image Lauren Razavi
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