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Lauren Razavi is a freelance journalist.

America’s Parental Leave Lag Highlights the Ugly Truth About Flexible Work

Originally published on Fatherly. The reality is that, though flexibility can allow for pick-ups, quiet moments and proximity,
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What We Know About Parents Video Chatting With Kids (and What We Don’t)

Originally published by Fatherly. Can a meaningful father-son bonding moment occur over Skype? The answer is likely a
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Building a City: Regulating the Sharing Economy in Amsterdam

Originally published by Medium. From dads with DIY projects to fashionistas seeking the latest trends, Amsterdam’s tenacious
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World’s first floating wind farm

Originally published on Worldsteel. A revolutionary offshore renewable energy project reveals how innovation depends on reliable materials With
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Is America Finally Getting Comfortable With Vacation Time?

Originally published on Fatherly. Employees are often reflexively adopt a defensive crouch even though there’s no need
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The Connected Farm

Originally published by ContentLive. Highlights A quarter of rural properties in Britain are still stuck with substandard internet
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Paternity Leave Costs Companies Less Than You’d Think

Originally published on Fatherly. When it comes to parental leave, the U.S. lags behind the rest of
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The Case for Basic Income for Parents

Originally published by Fatherly. As automation accelerates, the wealth gap between those who own robots and those replaced
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Taking the pain out of expense claims

Originally published on AAT. Companies that provide staff with expense accounts know they could potentially be opening themselves
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Britain’s financial services sector could lose up to 30,000 jobs

Originally published by AAT The writer Samuel Johnson famously coined the phrase “when a man is tired of
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