The learning initiatives bridging the generation gap

The long-bemoaned gap between generations is sometimes accepted as inevitable. But as Lauren Razavi discovers, initiatives in the

Digital nomads: the future of work, or colonialism 2.0?

Young professionals are exchanging cubicles for 'exotic' locales. But living cheap and free comes with uncomfortable questions about

Value of waste pickers revealed

Research has highlighted the importance of waste pickers to cities around the world. The study found these workers

Solutions Lab: Resisting radicalisation

From grassroots work to policy change: how can we tackle the root causes of terrorism, rather than fight

Students bid to revolutionise transport

Young engineers have been putting forward designs for Hyperloop, a new mode of transport which could drastically cut

App boosts freedom for young Iranians

Anonymous developers have released an app called Gershad to help young Iranians avoid the Gashte Ershad, known as

Solutions Lab: Dealing with drugs

More than 30 years since its inception, the US-led ‘war on drugs’ has done little to slow the

Constructive journalism inspires next generation of journalists

A series of workshops has introduced hundreds of journalism students to solution-focused reporting, with the aim of changing

Urban mobility: The freedom to move seamlessly

There was a time was when commuting to work meant a daily drudge. Standing in silence on a

World’s largest solar plant goes live in Morocco

Noor 1, the first section of the world’s largest solar power plant, has been switched on in
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