Open source tools can help small businesses cut costs and save time

Originally published by The Guardian. Small businesses are reaping the benefits of free open source software, but it

The New Way to Shop for Art: At Luxury Hotels

Originally published by Harper's Bazaar and ELLE Decor. Now guests have the opportunity to discover and purchase local

Unlocking opportunity

Originally published by Positive News. Story produced collaboratively with Rich McEachran. While opportunities for disabled people are broader

From Where I Stand - Connecting the Dots

Originally published by IPSE Magazine. Five years ago, during my first year of university, I attended a mock

Demand Your Share of the Spoils From the Privatization of Space

Originally published by How We Get To Next. Many moons ago, the space sector was an exclusive playground

British millennials like me are the real losers in the Brexit vote

Originally published by The Washington Post. Decades of chaos have been unleashed by a generation of voters that

Welcome to the new space race

Originally published by ShortList Magazine. From commercial rocket launches to mining asteroids, billionaires are looking to make money

Brexit debate yields unexpected potential for positive political change

Originally published by Positive News Magazine. Whether Britain chooses to remain in or opt out of the EU

The learning initiatives bridging the generation gap

The long-bemoaned gap between generations is sometimes accepted as inevitable. But as Lauren Razavi discovers, initiatives in the

Digital nomads: the future of work, or colonialism 2.0?

Young professionals are exchanging cubicles for 'exotic' locales. But living cheap and free comes with uncomfortable questions about
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