Solutions Lab: Dealing with drugs

More than 30 years since its inception, the US-led ‘war on drugs’ has done little to slow the

Constructive journalism inspires next generation of journalists

A series of workshops has introduced hundreds of journalism students to solution-focused reporting, with the aim of changing

World’s largest solar plant goes live in Morocco

Noor 1, the first section of the world’s largest solar power plant, has been switched on in

Are Digital Nomads the Future of Work?

A growing number of young professionals are exchanging cubicles for “exotic” locales. But the cheap living comes with

Coworking in India means sharing more than just a desk

In India's new offices, coworking isn't a practicality — it's a philosophy. From taxi drivers to tech innovators, the

Travel guide: 24 hours in Brighton

Our 24 hour guide to London by the sea. Known for its fierce independent spirit as much as

From Paris to Amsterdam in 30 minutes: the team hoping to bring the hyperloop to Europe

What would it mean if people could travel between Europe’s major cities in less than an hour,

University of East Anglia abandons ambitious biomass scheme

Sources say £10.5m plant intended to burn woodchip to power much of the university has never worked.

How coworking abroad can boost your freelance career

Over the course of 2015, I worked from three different continents and eight different countries. This isn’t

How one woman's app is changing politics in the digital age

Argentina’s Pia Mancini is using technology to destroy barriers between politicians and people around the world. For
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